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Puffy Eyes? Try These Simple Tricks!

Maybe it's been a stressful week, you've been lacking sleep and had a late night.. or maybe its hereditary. In any case, puffy eyes are never fun and can make you look rundown, tired and stressed (which hey, could very well be the case!) but don't worry, there is a solution.

Jade Rollers have become very popular as of late for the fact that they can help move lymph and quickly reduce inflammation. Just pop it in your fridge (make sure it's not an electric/vibration version) and use the smaller end under the eyes. Roll gently in a sweeping motion across the under eye area, moving very slowly and drawing the fluid retention away from the face towards the ear (allows for lymphatic drainage). Repeat 10 times and move to the other eye. You can do repetitions a few times until the puffiness has dissipated.

Don't have a facial roller? No problem! Grab a couple ice cubes from the freezer and wrap each in a soft cloth. Pat gently along under eye area, moving outward towards the ears. Repeat until puffiness has been reduced.

Other options include black tea bags: steep tea first then placed cooled tea bags over eyes for 10 minutes. The caffeine and tanin content from the tea will naturally and gently stimulate and tone the under eye area. Cucumbers are also a great option for soothing tired, puffy eyes.

Once the puffiness has dissipated, apply a nourishing eye cream. Look for something with a bit of caffeine, cucumber or ice wine extract to help naturally tone and reduce puffiness throughout the day. My favorites are Eminence Organics Hibiscus Ultra Lift Eye Cream (like botox in a bottle!), Eminence Organics Cucumber Eye Gel & Annemarie Borlind Energy Nature Anti-Puff Eye Serum.

Some other things that may help could include sleeping on your back with your head slightly elevated to help the fluid drain naturally, sleeping on silk pillow sheets which are naturally cooling and/or placing a cool cloth over eyes or using a lavender-filled eye mask to help soothe eyes at night.

Above all, get some beauty rest and do your best to de-stress! Your eyes will thank you :)

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