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How To Cleanse With An Oil

If you've ever wondered about cleansing with an oil or have had a bad experience using oil cleansers in the past, this is a post for you.

While there is a trick to using an oil cleanser properly, some are formulated differently and don't always specify how to use correctly so it's also good to know what type of oil cleanser you're working with (more on that later).

The first thing to do before you start to cleanse with an oil is make sure your skin is dry, unless directed to do otherwise on label. You'll want to massage the oil over the entire face to allow the oil to breakdown makeup, sunscreen and other substances like sebum, otherwise you'll be left with half your makeup smeared off your face along with a really greasy residue. Afterwards, add a bit of water to your hands and continue to do small circular motions, going over the entire face. This will emulsify the oil (definition here), turning it milky, making it easier to wash away.

Now here's the twist:

Not all oil cleansers emulsify. Why? My guess is some brands might prefer not to use emulsifiers (also known as surfactants) as some have developed bad reps due to their potential toxicity or harsh effects on the skin (think of SLS for example). This doesn't mean all emulsifiers are bad. In fact, there are natural plant-based options derived from coconuts, corn, olive oil and others that are safer alternatives that do not strip the skin from its natural moisture content.

Some examples are:

-potassium cocoate (derived from coconut oil)

-decyl glucoside (from corn/ coconuts)

-cetearyl Olivate (derived from olive oil)

-cetearyl alcohol (derived from coconut)

-heptyl glucoside (derived from sugar & castor seeds)

I personally like using emulsifying oil cleansers (like Eminence Organics Stone Crop Cleansing Oil) at night to help breakdown makeup and other substances accumulated throughout the day and usually follow it up with an additional cleanse using the same oil or a cream cleanser (or your own personal fave).

Oil cleansers without emulsifiers (such as Mad Hippie's cleansing oil) are great to use in the morning as they gently cleanse the skin while deeply nourishing it, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and intensely hydrated.

Pro tip: Try mixing your oil cleanser with a powdered exfoliant for an even more hydrating and texture-smoothing experience!

Here's how to do it:

  1. Dispense a small amount of oil cleanser into the palm of your hand and apply product to your entire face, concentrating on areas in need of deeper cleansing or congested areas.

  2. Add a bit of water and make small circular motions to emulsify the oil. Rinse off and pat skin dry. If the oil doesn't emulsify, take a warm facecloth to wipe off all of the product, making sure to get in all the creases.

  3. Next, take that same oil (or another if you choose) and add a bit of powdered exfoliant to it, like Eminence Organics Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant. Mix the two together, adding a bit more exfoliant or oil as needed, depending on how deep of an exfoliation you want, and gently scrub in small circular motions on the skin, concentrating on drier areas and making sure to reach every area of the face.

  4. Add a bit of water to the face to emulsify and rinse off. If needed, wipe off any residue with warm facecloth. Pat dry.

  5. Lastly, apply a few drops of your favorite oil into the palms of your hands then press lightly into the skin. To add a bit more 'zen' to your experience, try cupping your hands together to let the oil warm up and penetrate deeper into the skin for extra soft skin :)

  6. Admire your beautiful, glowing, soft complexion!

Sending Glowing Regards & Warmest Wishes,


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