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About Me

I'll take you back to the very beginning of my journey toward skin health when I was just a teenager growing up in the prairies in Saskatchewan. When I wasn't climbing trees or spending time wandering amongst the cows and the sheep, I would sneak into my mom's makeup and skincare bag and try everything on.

I remember the day that my mom bought me my first skin care kit, it was this cute little package of trial-size products that came in a little burlap pouch. I was beyond excited, I felt all grown up now that I owned my very own face care products, and although I can't remember if they did anything for my skin, I do recall the earthy, fresh scent they had when I used them. Every now and then whenever I'm trying new product, I sometimes get a little hint of that scent and it takes me back to that part of my childhood.

Fast forward a few years, I'm in the kitchen, whipping up some kind of concoction made up of carrots, avocadoes and some other ingredients from the fridge for a homemade mask, which I vaguely recall making my parents try, as they oftentimes would act as my guinea pigs. I believe that was a result of the time my cousin invited me to a girl guides sleepover, where we had a spa/diy facial night and used things like yogurt, egg whites and cucumbers as our skincare products, which I found fascinating.

These little moments sparked my interest in skincare and natural health, leading me to enroll at the European Institute of Esthetics, where I became a certified Esthetician (pronounced eh-stuh-ti-shn) and later went on to study herbology and nutrition basics at Wild Rose College.

I have since worked in many different settings, from salons and spas to distributors, high end retailers and pharmacies. I have never stopped learning, which I believe is the only way to truly be successful at one's craft, and with the beauty/skincare industry forever changing, there's always something new to discover. 

My passion for what I do and the people I have connected with have inspired me to write about my experiences, my know-how and anything and everything in between. I am happy that your journey has led you to me and hope that in some way I can help spark your skincare inspiration too.


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